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Control & Automate BlackMagic ATEM switchers and HyperDecks using OSC messages

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  • Control transition, keyers, audio, macros, and more
  • Connect to multiple switchers & HyperDecks simultaneously
  • Receive OSC feedback when switcher or HyperDeck state changes

Common Use Cases


Control ATEM switchers and HyperDecks by sending OSC messages from applications like Ableton Live, QLab, and Max.

  • Trigger a sequence of transitions with specific timings
  • Create custom animations by rapidly sending flying key position and size attributes
  • Change media player media on the fly, or jump to a specific HyperDeck clip

Custom Control Interfaces

Control ATEM switchers & HyperDecks using custom desktop, tablet, or phone interfaces using TouchOSC or Open Stage Control, or buy a generic hardware controller such as the Behringer X-TOUCH MINI for a low-cost alternative to BlackMagic's physical control panels.

Getting Started

Download atemOSC v5

Windows app is not signed, when the Windows Defender SmartScreen dialog opens, click "More info" then "Run anyway".

Linux app is distributed as an AppImage. To run, add execute permissions, then execute.


Connect switchers and HyperDecks

Connect to devices using their IP address. You'll want to use static IP addresses or DHCP reservations to make sure their IP addresses do not change.


View available addresses

Devices with different features will have different addresses available. Review the in-app list for each device to know exactly what addresses to send to control the different features of that device.


Configure external programs

You must configure other applications to send OSC messages to the computer that is running atemOSC and the port that atemOSC is listening on (UDP port 3333 by default). You will need to reference the documentation for that software for instructions on how to add atemOSC as an OSC endpoint. You can optionally configure atemOSC to send feedback back to those other applications.

If the external program is running on the same computer as atemOSC, you can set the IP address to or localhost. Otherwise, You can find the IP address of a macOS computer by going to System Preferences > Network or by running ifconfig in a terminal window.


Try free for 30 days

You can use atemOSC free for the first 30 days. Ensure atemOSC will work for your workflows before buying a license. You must have internet access for the trial.


Buy a license

In the in-app Settings panel, click Buy License to buy a license so that you can continue using atemOSC past the 30 day trial, even if offline. Currently, the license costs $50 for basic show control features, and $150 for the more advanced features, including HyperDeck control (see the in-app address list for a complete breakdown). However, I don't want cost to be the reason someone doesn't use atemOSC, so open a support ticket on the support page if the cost is prohibitive.

By buying a license, you are supporting the continued development of atemOSC. Your license includes bug fixes and support for the current major version. Some minor new features may also be released for the current version. Major features will be batched and released in a new major version, which will require a new license but be discounted for those upgrading from previous versions.

About atemOSC

AtemOSC was created in 2012 as a Mac OS X bridge to control a single ATEM switcher with TouchOSC. Since then, it has been proven to be useful in combination with a variety of other OSC sources and has grown through 5 major versions:

  1. Version 2 (2017-2019) focused on adding OSC addresses to control more ATEM parameters
  2. Version 3 (2020) added basic HyperDeck support and even more parameter coverage
  3. Version 4 (2021-2022) added support for connecting to multiple switchers and controlling multiple mix effect blocks
  4. Version 5 (2023) added Windows & Linux support and significant improvements to HyperDeck control

The first 4 major versions were released for free, but with limited and occasional support. Version 5 is now a fully supported and licensed product. If you are still using earlier versions and don't want to upgrade to version 5, but still want to donate in support of continued development, you can do so here.